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My mind runs a 1,000 miles a minute is what I have been frequently told in my lifetime.  There have been times when I have been challenged to keep a lot of things together.  All my efforts tie in together which makes things a lot less cumbersome.  I type over 100 words a minute which helps significantly in most all I do.  My number one thing in business has for the most part been with automating processes.  I am a relational innovator and along with divine intervention it has helped pave my way.

I don't mind hard work but my number one goal with most anything I approach is to work smarter and not harder.  Planning is key even if it is done up in my head for me.  I was always encouraged that anything man-made can be mastered. is a website I coined and plan to set up as an inspirational website.  During this time when we need things to settle I feel it is important to share information, stories, and articles that will uplift and inspire.  Therefore, it will have its own page in the near future. 

often look to see if an idea for a domain name I have come up with is available for sale at a great price.  Other websites I have purchased that I feel are just as great are:,,,, (recent purchase), and one of my favorites  I was psyched to get a five letter domain and it being my name just added icing to the cake.

My business name is Web Styles, it is a computer related services company.  I have spent so many years of my life automating business processes.  My ultimate goal is to get top dollar for one of the websites I purchased to one day resell. 

You can feel free to reach out to me at (757) 434-7490 any time and leave a voice message if I am not available.  I usually return calls within 24 hours.  If you send me a text message it allows me to reply back to inquiries more effectively and not to waste your time playing telephone tag.