welcome to my website

I'm growing my faith day-by-day.

My goal is to grow my faith in the Lord daily.  No matter how much older I am I realize life evolves daily.  There is so much about life to experience and learn. The Bible offers so many stories and accounts about living that I find intriguing how so many passages speak to my life.   I grew up in a Baptist Church thanks to my grandmother taking us to Church every Sunday.  Many times she would say you may hate me now but you will love me later.   In my adolescent years I didn't even want to hear her say that but now I realize it was an understatement.  I've learned the best sense I have gotten out of any book is the Bible.  Yes, I am a believer.  I work towards being a better Christian all the time because life has shown me the tests I fail I keep seeing again and again.  I still have work to do.  To God be the Glory!

‚ÄčI don't give my grandchildren advice.  One of the things I think that impacted me the most when I was raising my children is that too many people played interference.  With my grands I am crazy grandma.  I decided to start making my email, my new go to email.  It expresses I do have grands, and will relay also that I am older.  

Some people think I am much younger than I actually am.  I have a whole lot of maturity behind me.